Does Pottery Barn Outlet Deliver


You’re wondering, ‘Does Pottery Barn Outlet deliver?’ We’ve got you covered. This article will untangle the nuances of their delivery policies.

You’ll discover how regular and outlet stores differ, gain savvy shopping tips, and explore alternative delivery options.

Let’s dive into making your Pottery Barn Outlet shopping experience seamless and satisfying.

Understanding Pottery Barn Outlet Policies

You’ll need to understand that Pottery Barn Outlets don’t offer a delivery service due to increased credit card fraud. As such, doorstep delivery isn’t available for purchases made from these outlets.

This means you can’t place orders for delivery and instead, you must visit the outlet in person to make your purchases.

However, if you choose to shop online through their main website, there are different options available. One is the standard doorstep delivery which allows your order to be shipped directly to your home.

They offer what is known as white glove delivery – an extra service based on distance from the warehouse and overall order amount that ensures your item arrives safely and securely.

Another useful feature offered by some Pottery Barn stores is in-store pick up. This includes paid hold and ship-to-store services where orders are held at the store for 30 days. It’s a convenient option if you prefer picking up items yourself or live close enough for it not to be a hassle.

Let’s talk about the return policy. Pottery Barn makes returns easy with eligible items being allowed back within 30 days of receiving an order or within 7 days for Quick Ship upholstery items.

A refund of the merchandise value is provided upon successful return making it less stressful if something doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

Exploring Pottery Barn’s Standard Delivery Services

It’s important to note that while standard delivery services are offered by the primary brand and children’s line, the outlet stores do not provide this service.

However, Pottery Barn does provide a variety of delivery options for your convenience.

Here are some key details you should know:

  • Delivery options for large furniture: Pottery Barn offers in-home delivery by appointment from Monday to Saturday for select items. This ensures safe and careful handling of your precious furniture pieces.
  • Shipping fees for international orders: Additional costs may be applied on deliveries outside the U.S., so it’s crucial to factor these into your total purchase price.
  • Tracking packages for online orders: Once you place an order online, you’ll receive a tracking number that allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment till it reaches you.
  • Pottery Barn’s return policy for shipped items: Shipped items can be returned within a specified period if they don’t meet your satisfaction. Be sure to check their return policy before making any purchases.
  • Expedited delivery options for last minute purchases: If timing is crucial, consider their next-day service which incurs an extra cost but guarantees quick delivery.

Remember, whether choosing standard or expedited shipping, additional fees can considerably increase the final cost of more expensive items. That’s why, always account for shipping when budgeting for your new home additions from Pottery Barn.

With this information at hand, you’re set to make informed decisions about buying from Pottery Barn and planning successful deliveries!

The Distinction Between Pottery Barn Outlet and Regular Stores

Understanding the differences between standard and outlet stores can significantly impact your shopping experience and savings. One key distinction you’ll notice is that while Pottery Barn regular stores offer shipping, their outlets do not.

This difference in service may affect your purchasing decisions, particularly if there’s no outlet store location available near you.

When it comes to pricing comparison, the Pottery Barn outlet often offers exclusive promotions such as ‘Manager Specials’ with savings of up to 70% off retail price – a deal you won’t find at their regular stores.

These discounts could lead to significant savings, especially during holiday seasons when these deals are typically more prevalent.

Unfortunately, neither type of store offers customer loyalty programs or personal shopper services currently. However, don’t let this dissuade you from exploring both options as each has its unique benefits depending on what you’re after.

Reading customer reviews and experiences online may provide additional insight into the quality and value of merchandise offered at both types of stores.

Remember though that products sold at the outlets are often overstocked or returned goods from not only Pottery Barn but also its sister brands like West Elm and Williams Sonoma Home.

Despite these variations in service and pricing, keep in mind that both Pottery Barn standard and outlet stores carry the same range of items. So whether it’s the exclusivity of an item or the thrill of scoring a bargain that drives your shopping preference, understanding these distinctions should help enhance your shopping journey with Pottery Barn.

Tips for Shopping at Pottery Barn Outlet

There’s a knack to finding the best deals when shopping at this type of store. Bargain hunting at Pottery Barn Outlet is an art, combining savvy knowledge of exclusive discounts, careful navigation of the store layout, and adept use of customer reviews.

The key is understanding how these outlets work. Their inventory often consists of limited stock from overruns or returns from their regular stores.

You’ll also find items that are out-of-season, discontinued or slightly damaged. The trick is knowing how to capitalize on these opportunities for maximum savings.

Here are some tips that could help you become a pro:

  • Arrive early: The early bird catches the worm – or in this case, snags the best deals before they’re gone.
  • Follow them on social media: Stay updated on any exclusive discounts or sales events announced there.
  • Familiarize yourself with the store layout: Knowing where everything is gives you a time advantage when trying to locate specific items.
  • Read customer reviews: These can be helpful in determining product quality and potential issues.
  • Inspect all items carefully: Since all sales are final, avoid future disappointment by ensuring your purchases aren’t flawed.

Remember to combine these strategies with patience and perseverance; it might take multiple visits before you stumble upon that perfect piece for your home.

But once it happens – and it will – you’ll be glad you took up bargain hunting at Pottery Barn Outlet!

Alternatives to Delivery From Pottery Barn Outlet

You’ll find plenty of options if getting your purchase home from the store isn’t an option for you. Third-party delivery options are a viable alternative to consider.

Pottery Barn Outlets may recommend some, or you can explore apps like Dolly, or rent a truck from places like Home Depot.

On site shopping is another avenue to explore. You can visit the outlet in person and pick up your purchases directly. This gives you the added advantage of seeing and feeling your selected items before taking them home.

If physical shopping doesn’t work for you, don’t fret! Online open box deals offered by Pottery Barn provide an excellent opportunity to get discounted furniture and decor delivered right to your doorstep.

Looking beyond Pottery Barn Outlet opens up a world of other stores that offer similar styled furniture and home decor at perhaps lower prices. West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and Room & Board are all worthy alternatives that could match what you’re seeking.

Affordable furniture options aren’t limited to IKEA alone. Other stores such as Wayfair, Overstock, and Article offer budget-friendly choices without compromising on style or quality.


You’ve learned about Pottery Barn Outlet’s policies and their standard delivery services. You’ve also learned about the key differences between outlet and regular stores. And, you’ve picked up some useful shopping tips.

Remember, if outlet delivery isn’t an option for you, there are alternatives available.

Now with all this knowledge in hand, your next trip to or online shopping spree at Pottery Barn Outlet should be a breeze!

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