1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent: Starred Reverse 

The 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent with a Starred Reverse is a notable and highly sought-after coin among collectors of early American copper coinage. Here's an overview of this coin: 

Design: The obverse of the 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent features a right-facing bust of Liberty, adorned with a liberty cap and flowing hair. The word "LIBERTY" appears above the bust, and the date "1794" is below.  

The reverse design is distinctive for its inclusion of sixteen stars surrounding the central inscription "ONE CENT," representing the original thirteen colonies plus three additional states admitted to the Union by 1794. The words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" encircle the stars. 

1. Composition: The 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent with a Starred Reverse was struck in copper and has a weight of approximately 13.48 grams.

Historical Context: The 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent is one of the earliest issues of the denomination produced by the United States Mint. It reflects the fledgling nation's efforts to establish a stable and reliable coinage system following the establishment of the Mint in 1792. 

Mintage: Exact mintage figures for the 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent with a Starred Reverse are not available, as comprehensive mint records were not kept during the early years of the Mint's operation.  

1. Collectibility: Due to their historical significance and relative rarity, 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cents with a Starred Reverse are highly sought after by collectors. Examples in well-preserved condition can command significant premiums at auction.

1. Varieties: The 1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent exhibits several die varieties, including variations in the placement of the stars and differences in the style of the Liberty bust. Collectors may seek out specific varieties to complete sets or enhance their collections.

Collecting Strategies: Collectors may pursue various strategies when acquiring the 1932-D Washington Quarter. Some aim to assemble a complete set of Washington Quarters, including all mint marks and major varieties.  

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