1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent: With Pole 

The 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent with Pole is a significant and collectible coin in American numismatics. Here's some information about this coin:

Design: The Liberty Cap Half Cent features a bust of Liberty facing right on the obverse, with flowing hair and a Liberty cap on a pole. The word "LIBERTY" is inscribed on the headband of the cap, and the date appears below the bust. 

1. With Pole Variety: The "With Pole" variety refers to the inclusion of a pole behind Liberty's head on the obverse of the coin. This design element distinguishes it from the "No Pole" variety, where the pole is absent.

1. Historical Context: The 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent was minted during the early years of the United States Mint, which was established in 1792. It represents one of the earliest issues of half cents produced by the Mint.

1. Collectibility: The 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent with Pole is highly sought after by collectors due to its historical significance, low mintage, and unique design features. Examples in good condition with sharp details and minimal wear command significant premiums at auction and in the numismatic market.

1. Surviving Examples: Due to their age and the challenges of circulation, examples of the 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent are relatively scarce. However, some well-preserved specimens have survived and are coveted by collectors.

1. Authentication and Grading: Given the value and collector interest in the 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent, it's essential for collectors to have any prospective coin authenticated by reputable numismatic experts or third-party grading services to ensure its authenticity and condition.

Overall, the 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent with Pole is a significant and prized coin, representing an important era in early American coinage. It remains a desirable addition to any collection of early U.S. coins. 

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