1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar: 15 Stars 

The 1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar with 15 stars is a unique and historically significant coin in American numismatics. Here's some information about this coin: 

Design: The Draped Bust Half Dollar features a design by Robert Scot, the Chief Engraver of the United States Mint at the time. The obverse depicts a bust of Liberty facing right, with flowing hair draping over her shoulder.  

The word "LIBERTY" appears above her portrait, and the date is below. The reverse features an eagle with outstretched wings, holding an olive branch and arrows in its talons. Above the eagle is an arc of 15 stars, representing the 15 states in the Union at the time. The eagle is surrounded by a wreath, and the denomination "50 C." is below. 

Historical Context: The 1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar was minted during a period of expansion in the United States. The country was growing rapidly, both in terms of population and territory, with new states being admitted to the Union. 

The addition of stars to the coin's design was a way to symbolize this growth and to represent each state in the Union. 

Variety: The 1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar is known for its several varieties, including those with 15 stars on the reverse. 

1. The 15 stars variety is particularly notable because it represents an attempt to include all the states in the Union at the time. However, as the number of states continued to grow, the design was eventually modified to accommodate more stars.

Collectibility: Draped Bust Half Dollars, especially those from the late 18th century, are highly sought after by collectors. The 1797 issue, with its distinctive design and historical significance, is particularly prized. 

Grading and Authentication: When collecting the 1950 Washington Quarter Proof, it's important to ensure the coin's authenticity and condition. Proof coins should be graded by reputable third-party grading services, such as the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), to verify authenticity and assess condition accurately. 

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