1861 Double Eagle $20 Paquet Reverse

The 1861 Double Eagle $20 coin with the Paquet Reverse is a numismatic rarity and a testament to the turbulent times of the American Civil War. This coin holds a special place in the hearts of collectors due to its unique and short-lived design. 

The Paquet Reverse variety of the 1861 Double Eagle features a distinctive eagle motif on the reverse side, created by Assistant Engraver Anthony C. Paquet. Paquet's design replaced the traditional reverse motif created by Chief Engraver James B. 

The decision to introduce the Paquet Reverse was motivated by concerns over the readability and durability of Longacre's original design.  

However, due to production issues and concerns over the artistic merits of the new design, the Paquet Reverse variety was short-lived, with production halted after only a few weeks. 

The 1861 Double Eagle with the Paquet Reverse holds historical significance beyond its numismatic value. It was minted during a period of immense turmoil and uncertainty in American history, as the nation grappled with the outbreak of the Civil War.  

Today, the 1861 Double Eagle $20 coin with the Paquet Reverse is highly prized by collectors for its rarity, historical significance, and unique design. Each specimen offers a glimpse into a pivotal moment in American history and the resilience of the nation during one of its most trying periods.  

As such, these coins are cherished additions to any numismatic collection, serving as tangible links to the past and reminders of the enduring spirit of the American people. 

The story of the 1861 Double Eagle $20 coin with the Paquet Reverse unfolds against the backdrop of a nation in crisis. As the Civil War erupted, the United States Mint found itself thrust into the center of the conflict, grappling with the logistical challenges posed by the nation's fractured state. 

The decision to introduce the Paquet Reverse reflects the Mint's commitment to addressing practical concerns while maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appeal of its coinage.  

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