3 Spectacular Stocks With a Potential to Triple by 2030 (Part-1)

Shares of rising companies are a good long-term investment. Even though the markets are near record highs, there are many fantastic stocks selling at discount that could produce high profits.  

Three Motley Fool authors explain why Toast (NYSE: TOST), Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU), and Dutch Bros (NYSE: BROS) might triple your investment in six years.  

An undervalued fast-growing software company Toast's John Ballard: Toast is solving a major restaurant business issue and creating massive revenue. It helps restaurants enhance orders, traffic, and staff productivity with a digital platform. The stock trades at a lower valuation than other expanding SaaS companies.  

The industry has poor margins, but as more people order online, restaurants need an effective tool to serve more guests and develop their business while controlling operations to increase earnings. Small businesses are Toast's main growth driver. Company revenue rose 42% to $3.9 billion in 2023.  

Toast feeds about 10% of U.S. eateries. There's plenty of growth potential. Management anticipates huge growth potential in word-of-mouth with small eateries, larger restaurant chains, and international expansion. Toast wins new clients because its platform is easier to use than the competition.  

The stock has a low price-to-sales for a fast-growing software company. Toast trades at 3.2 times trailing revenue, compared to 10 for other SaaS businesses. If the company grows revenue rapidly over the next six years, the stock might triple in value.  

A comeback is imminent for streaming leader Jeremy Bowman (Roku): Leading streaming distribution platform Roku could treble by 2030. Since its pandemic-driven surge, Roku stock has fallen more than 80% since 2021. The corporation still dominates streaming distribution, fighting off Amazon and Alphabet.  

Roku shares are down after the firm issued lukewarm outlook in its most recent earnings report and was imprecise about profitability targets, although several trends should help. First, streaming will continue to take pay TV market share. Roku's active accounts rose 14% in the fourth quarter and streaming hours rose 21% to 29.1 billion, and that should continue.  

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