A famous American moves to Italy to live his best life in the gory Netflix series ‘Ripley’ (Part-1)    

New York — It's time to return to Italy's lovely, cobblestoned Amalfi Coast, drinking coffee at cafés and seeking la dolce vita. No fun without our favorite serial killer, right?  

In “Ripley,” a thrilling new Netflix series based on Patricia Highsmith's “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” Tom Ripley returns to wear dressing gowns and drink Champagne on the terrace. April 4 is the premiere. “We don't like him, but we want him to get away with it, which is intriguing. It says what about us? asks Steven Zaillian, who developed, directed, and scripted the eight-episode adaptation  

Andrew Scott plays Ripley, a scrappy New York check fraudster who is hired to find a rich dilettante in Italy but kills and impersonates him, causing additional murders and scams.  

Like any iconic literary character like that, people have very strong opinions — he’s a psychopath, he’s a serial killer,” adds Scott. What was difficult was making the viewer feel like Tom Ripley rather than a victim.  

The eight-hour canvas lets viewers watch him solve problems in real time, like a fifth-episode apartment murder. He must find the victim's automobile, clean up the crime scene, transport the body, and pretend it was an alcohol-related accident  

Zaillian says, “I think because we sort of see every little step of how he figures things out and does things that we take part in them. “He and we often don't know what to do next. We join the process that way.”  

Scott, famed for his theatrical work, Emmy-winning “Fleabag” and latest feature “All of Us Strangers,  

says audience members used to TikTok may take some time to adjust to a more deliberate storytelling pace in which actors ascend stairs, stare at waves, and make small talk. You can watch where an ashtray is bought before it's used to kill.  

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