A New Single Called "Karma" Features an Adult JoJo Siwa

"The following content is not made for children and may be disturbing or offensive to some viewers." Thus read the cautionary note that accompanied JoJo Siwa's announcement of her most recent single. 

Poses sexual content, uses strong language, depicts terrible situations, and may have flashing lights. Caution is advised for viewers. She gave her audience about a month to be ready for "Karma," and now it's finally here.

"I feel so alone in this room, with no one to talk to but my regrets," she said. "And it is not your body that will be by my side when I go to sleep." My guilts are like a symphony that won't go away, and the mirror doesn't care about me, oh," I said over and over again.

The song features Siwa's vocals. Despite the fact that I ought to have known better, karma is a whimp. On the other hand, if I could go back in time, I would never have messed around.

 As soon as I saw the photographs of the two of you, my stomach turned. At this very moment, she is with you.

For the past eleven years, I have spent my whole life performing on stage, and the most important thing in my life has always been making art. That is something that I absolutely like doing.

During a listening party that took place prior to the release of the song, Siwa admitted, "I've always been genuinely myself, and I've always created stuff that felt true to me." As I grew older, my ambition to produce something that would elicit a response of "What the fuck?" from people all around the world became more significant. 

 The reason that 'Karma' is so enjoyable is because I wanted my first experience of being a true grownup to be like that. During this first adult breakthrough, I wanted to make sure that it was acknowledged.

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