A rundown of American Idol's 'Showstoppers': who made it to the top 24?    

And just like that, the top 24 singers from the 22nd season of "American Idol" have all been eliminated. Over the course of the episode that aired on Monday night, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie witnessed 56 contestants giving their absolute best performance during the "Showstoppers" round.  

A much more personal setting than Sunday night, when the judges mercilessly dismissed more than 80 people from the pool of 143 contestants, the judges eliminated more than half of the remaining "Idol" hopefuls after watching a marathon of performances. Additionally, the judges eliminated more than half of the contestants.  

In a short amount of time, Richie, Bryan, and Perry put an end to the suffering of a few of the contenders by informing them that they would be moving forward without much delay. On the other hand, the trio asserted that they required tie-breakers for selected members of the band. A number of people, including KB Richins, Alyssa Raghu, Ziggy, and Mackenzie Sol, sacrificed their lives by singing out loud.  

The promotion of Roman Collins, who gave "Come Together" by The Beatles a gospel twist, to the next round appeared to be one of the most obvious choices that could have been made throughout the program. In a conversation with the vehicle cleaner from Long Beach, California, who was 24 years old, Perry stated, "That was the best performance of the night for me."  

Following KB's performance of "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alyssa's rendition of the Gloria Gaynor classic "I Will Survive," the judges were left in a state of conflict. As a result, both of them were brought together into the office of the judge. According to Perry, "We argued over you," and the only way to settle the dispute was through a sing-off.  

In order to strengthen their vocal cords, the women decided to perform Lady Gaga's song "Shallow." KB's rendition came through with more depth and seriousness, despite the fact that both Alyssa and KB had versions that were impressive enough to be considered flawed. During KB's performance, Alyssa became overcome with emotion and remarked, "I'm only crying because it means so much to me." There were tears flowing down her face.  

In the end, KB came triumphant, and Alyssa handled the news with the appropriate level of composure.

I was of the opinion that it was a fair game, and they believed that she had a great deal of potential for this, and I agreed with them completely. Alyssa stated that she is completely deserving of that. "I sang for my life; I seriously gave it everything I had," KB remarked while crying. "I gave it everything I had.  

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