According to Aaron Donald, T.J. Watt is now the best defensive player in the NFL.  

Aaron Donald was the finest defensive player in the National Football League during the course of the previous ten years; but, now that Donald has retired, he claims that T.J. Watt is the best defensive player in the league.  

In response to the question posed by Chris Long on his show, Donald chose Watt as the guy who currently holds the title of the top defensive player in the league.

T.J. Watt is the person I believe it is," Donald remarked. It seems like you are referring to a guy who is reliable. That is going to get you 15 sacks, 13 sacks, 22 sacks, and it is going to get you consistent. You have been doing it year after year, year after year.   

His stats are insane each and every year, and he is the person who has been doing it regularly, interception after interception, touchdown after touchdown. To me, he would be that guy. I am aware that you have a number of talented players, including Myles Garrett, Micah Parsons, and others  

I am also aware that you have a lot of guys. However, in my opinion, T.J. Watt has constantly been dominating in this league during the time that I have seen him in this league, beginning with the first time that I saw him and continuing up until the previous year. We have a great deal of respect for him.  

Donald, who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, confessed that there was a part of him that would have liked to play for the Steelers. However, he stated that it was more important to him to spend his entire career with the Rams.  

"Before I got drafted I'd be like, it'd be dope to play for my hometown because I grew up a Steeler fan," Donald explained to reporters. "I flirted with that idea a little bit, maybe I could go home and play for the Steelers."  

The combination of Donald and Watt on the same defensive unit would have been a dream squad; however, Donald lasted the entire season with one team, and fans of the Steelers will be hoping that Watt does the same.  

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