Bring questions to ask your therapist.

What is your approach to therapy?: Understanding your therapist's theoretical orientation and treatment approach can help you align your expectations and preferences with their style of therapy. 

How can therapy help me with my specific concerns?: Ask your therapist to explain how therapy can address the challenges or issues you're facing. This can help you understand the potential benefits of therapy and set realistic expectations. 

What can I expect from our therapy sessions?: Clarify the structure and format of therapy sessions, including the frequency of sessions, the duration of treatment, and any specific techniques or interventions that may be used. 

How will you ensure confidentiality?: It's important to understand the therapist's policies regarding confidentiality and privacy. Ask about their confidentiality practices and any limitations to confidentiality, such as mandated reporting requirements. 

What is your experience and background in treating my specific concerns?: Inquire about your therapist's experience and expertise in addressing the issues you're seeking help for. This can help you feel confident in their ability to support you effectively. 

How will we track progress in therapy?: Discuss how progress will be measured and monitored throughout the course of therapy. This can include setting goals, assessing outcomes, and adjusting treatment strategies as needed. 

What is your availability for support between sessions?: Inquire about your therapist's availability for support outside of scheduled therapy sessions, such as through phone calls, emails, or crisis intervention. 

How do you handle challenges or conflicts in therapy?: Ask your therapist how they approach challenges or conflicts that may arise during therapy, both in terms of the therapeutic process and the therapeutic relationship. 

What role do I play in the therapeutic process?: Clarify your role as a client in the therapeutic process and ask how you can actively participate in your own healing and growth. 

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