Carson Wentz will earn $3.25 million in a year.  

Carson Wentz, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, received a contract that was worth $32 million annually five years ago. In 2024, he will be earning approximately ten percent of that amount.

Based on information provided by NFL Media, the Chiefs have agreed to pay Wentz a basic salary of $3.325 million for his one-year contract.  

According to the source, the contract contains a guaranteed sum of $2.2 million in addition to another $1.1 million in active roster bonuses for each game played. To receive the entire amount, he will be required to wear his uniform each and every week.  

It is not about money at this point in his career; rather, it is about opportunities. Andy Reid, the coach, and Patrick Mahomes, the starting quarterback, both have a lot to teach him  

There is a possibility that Wentz may be able to establish the groundwork for a second act, which may involve returning to the starting lineup.  

Only 31 years old. In the event that he is able to eliminate the occasional plays that cause him to scratch his head, such as a left-handed toss from his own end zone, he has a chance.  

The Chiefs are going to be the ones to teach him how to avoid doing those things if he are ever going to learn how to accomplish them.  

In addition to that, he has the potential to win a second Super Bowl ring along.  

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