Celebrity discovers priceless 2019 "W" quarter    

Famous actor Shawn Pyfrom, who often appears on ABC's hit "Desperate Housewives" series, discovered the first 2019-W Quarter authenticated by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

A recent announcement was made by the US Mint regarding the random distribution of 10 million quarters featuring the "W" mint mark of the West Point Mint. Rarely seen on circulation, these 2019 quarters are the first to bear the "W" mint mark. In fact, fewer than one percent of all 2019 quarters will bear this mark.

Part of the America the Beautiful Quarters Series, five distinct designs for 2019-W quarters will be released this year. With the "W" mint mark, each design will have a limited mintage of just 2 million pieces.  

During the 96th annual National Coin Week, which takes place in the third week of April, the initial design for the 2019-W Quarter is shown. The design honors Lowell National Historical Park in Massachusetts. Coin dealers got together this year to launch the Great American Coin Hunt campaign, which aims to increase awareness of National Coin Week and the hobby of coin collecting.  

Just the day before he discovered one in his Burbank, California, home, Pyfrom learnt about the priceless 2019-W Quarters.  

"The Great American Coin Hunt and these 'W' quarters were just mentioned to me the day before," stated Pyfrom, a 32-year-old. To hear that they were not yet available made me ecstatic when I found one!  

The coin was swiftly certified by NGC when Pyfrom had it shipped to a local dealer. Afterwards, NGC verified that the currency in question was the inaugural 2019-W Quarter to arrive at their facility. With its new NGC MS 67 grade and the words "First Certified" and "Great American Coin Hunt" engraved on the encapsulation, this coin is sure to turn heads.  

We are living through a truly thrilling era in numismatics," remarked Rick Montgomery, President of the NGC and a rating finalizer. "The discovery made by Mr. Pyfrom certainly bodes well for numismatics, as it demonstrates that the United States Mint is successfully encouraging more individuals to examine their currency."  

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