Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin vote in presidential primaries.

Symbolic as the nominations for president have already been secured by former president Trump and Joe Biden, respectively, voters in four states will cast their ballots on Tuesday for the candidates nominated by their respective parties.  

Adding to their delegate hauls for their respective party conventions this summer, Biden and Trump are both projected to handily win primaries in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. Even still, the verdicts will provide hints as to how enthusiastic base voters are about the forthcoming 2020 rematch, which has disappointed most Americans.  

Wisconsin is a critical state to watch in November because its results will provide clues about the percentage of Republicans who aren't fully committed to Trump and the percentage of Democrats who are disappointed with Biden. On Tuesday, Trump was supposed to campaign in two Midwest battlegrounds—Wisconsin and Michigan.  

There are more than one candidate on the ballot in each of the four states; in addition, voters in three of those states can select the "uncommitted" or "uninstructed delegate" option. Activists have pushed on Democrats to reject Biden in an effort to convey their disdain of his leadership during the conflict between Israel and Hamas.  

Additionally, two statewide ballot initiatives supported by Republicans will determine the future of election funding and administration in Wisconsin. Two Republicans will face off in a runoff for the Mississippi congressional seat, which has been held by longstanding Democratic incumbent Bennie Thompson. Thompson is expected to retain his solidly Democratic seat in November.  

Ever since Nikki Haley withdrew from the GOP race, Trump and Biden have been focusing on the general election. Shortly after delivering his State of the Union address, Biden made a point of visiting all the major battlegrounds last month.  

When compared to Trump and the Republicans, Biden and the DNC have raised more money. At a New York gala last week, attended by A-list celebrities and the current president, Vice President Biden broke the record for most money raised in a single event with $26 million. The event was co-hosted by Obama and Clinton, two Democratic presidential predecessors.  

With a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, expected to pull in $33 million this weekend, Trump is aiming to outdo his opponent.  

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