Democrats want to flip Florida with its abortion vote. It will be difficult, history indicates. (Part-2)

Trump, a New Yorker who lives in Florida and will vote on the abortion ballot question, called DeSantis' six-week ban on abortion a "terrible mistake" and indicated it was too tough for anti-abortion supporters.

Since 1999, when Republican Jeb Bush took both the executive office and Legislature, Democrats have tried to stay relevant in Florida. George W. Bush became president after Al Gore lost Florida by 537 votes the next year.

Gore sought recounts in selected counties until the Supreme Court stopped them during Florida's 2000 election's five-week recount. A media study and ballot review found Gore would have lost under the recounts he wanted, but he may have won if he won a statewide recount.

Florida voted for Bush again after 2000, twice for Obama, and thrice for Trump. Democrats' aspirations for the next election cycle have been shattered again and again as Republicans have won governor, Senate, and cabinet elections by razor thin majorities.

The following problems were where Democrats anticipated they would retake power in Florida: Jeb Bush opposed a successful 2002 ballot effort to restrict school class sizes. Bush and the class size amendment passed with overwhelming support. Democrats believed outrage over the 2000 recount and President Bush's low favor rating would help John Kerry win the state in 2004. Bush handily won Florida.

Democrats eyed the governor's seat as a potential pickup in 2006 when term limitations forced Jeb Bush out. They were wrong, as Republican Charlie Crist handily defeated his Democratic opponent. Democrats incorrectly believed Obama's 2008 victory would lead to success were disappointed when Marco Rubio rode the tea party movement to capture a Senate seat in 2010.

In 2010, Democratic chief financial officer Alex Sink was a strong favorite versus Republican Rick Scott, who had been the CEO of a hospital system that paid a record Medicaid fraud punishment. Scott was reelected in 2014 with fewer than half the vote.

Democrats wanted a medical marijuana referendum on the 2016 ballot to assist Hillary Clinton beat Trump. It didn't. Democrats believed DeSantis's mini-Trump campaign would lose him votes in 2018. A recount was needed since DeSantis won with fewer than 50% of the vote.

After DeSantis assumed office, Republicans overtook Democrats in voter registration, DeSantis won reelection in 2022 by a record margin, Rubio won by a huge margin, and Republicans gained significant gains in the Legislature and Congress. There are over 5.2 million Republicans in Florida and less than 4.4 million Democrats.

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