Earnings Growth and Price Strength Make Goldman Sachs (GS) a Stock to Watch

If you're just starting out in the investing world, it can be particularly daunting to put together a portfolio from the ground up. The sheer number of investment opportunities can be bewildering, but if you want a head start, picking stocks predicted to beat the market in the next 12 months is a great place to start.

In this article, we will examine in detail a fantastic stock that may prove to be an excellent asset for your portfolio. Why Goldman Sachs (GS) Is Important to Keep an Eye On

A world-renowned financial holding firm that has been serving a diverse clientele since its founding in 1869, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

offers investment banking, consumer banking, securities, and investment management services. With branches in key worldwide financial hubs, the firm maintains its headquarters in New York.

At a price of $226.85/share, GS was added to the Zacks Focus List on July 11, 2018. There has been an 82.28% gain to $413.51 in share price since then.

In the past 60 days, three analysts have raised their profits forecast for fiscal 2024, with the Zacks Consensus forecast going up $0.59 to $33.13. On average, GS's earnings have surprised investors by 15.9 percent.

The current fiscal year is also anticipated to see earnings growth of 44.9% for Goldman Sachs.

Stocks that have their earnings expectations raised might be a lucrative investment because stock prices respond to revisions. With Focus List stocks like GS, investors have a fantastic chance to purchase shares of a firm whose earnings forecasts are likely to be raised in the future, which could cause the stock price to rise.

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