Eight-year-old Finds Useful Cent in Pocket Change    

I was recently presented with a prize cent by the mother of an eight-year-old boy who is just beginning his journey as a collector. My anticipation was that it would be typical.  

It was an Extremely Fine 1969-S doubled-die Lincoln cent that she brought, which he had selected from her change over the course of the conversation. There were no errors in any of the diagnostics.  

There is nothing of worth to be found in circulation, which is one of the criticisms that I hear from collectors regarding the market. Clearly, this is not the case. On the other hand, you should question yourself whether you collect as a hobby or as a strategy to develop wealth.   

When it comes to accumulating wealth, circulating coins is comparable to purchasing a lottery ticket. In your search for something, you are looking for nothing. There is a lot bigger chance for collectors and investors who trade or purchase coins to establish a wonderful collection that can have significant value. This opportunity is available to collectors as well as investors.  

This cent that the eight-year-old discovered demonstrates that it is still possible to find value in the change that you have. The question that is more important is whether or not you will proceed to the next level, which is to continue to gather by trading and buying  

There are certain current error coins, such as Presidential dollars that are missing the edge inscription, that you can expect to discover in change; nevertheless, there hasn't been a really uncommon date coin created in a very long time.  

The accumulation of a big collection is a time-consuming and typically expensive endeavor. This young collector has put in a lot of effort and patience. Do you think he will eventually be able to invest his money as well?   

When's the greatest moment to make a purchase? It is impossible to time the market in the same way that it is impossible to time the stock market. Now is always going to be the best moment to make a purchase.  

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