Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has announced his intention to market edible cannabis.

Minnesota natives” In the wake of legalizing marijuana for adults last year, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has declared his intention to sell cannabis. The state is still trying to figure out how to handle retail sales of the drug.

Minnesota Public Radio stated that Jesse Ventura Farms, a line of cannabis sweets, is getting its start with a collaboration between Ventura and Retro Bakery, a Minneapolis suburb that makes THC delicacies from hemp. Video showing Ventura speaking on Wednesday, set to rock music, read: "Ventura Farms is my foray into the world of cannabis.".

The cannabis industry has my full support," he continued. Cannabis was the lifeline for my family. Finally, I'm ready to get back into the cannabis scene. At any moment, you are welcome to come and be a part of Ventura Farms with me, Jesse Ventura. We are participating.

The medicine helped Ventura's wife control her seizures, according to MPR. Retro Bakery has announced that, as reported by MPR, the Ventura-branded delicacies will be pre-orderable starting on April 1.

Ventura startled many in 1998 when he won the independent candidacy for governor of Minnesota. He had previously worked as an actor and professional wrestler. Between the years 1999 and 2003, he was governor.

Ventura was an early and vocal advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana in the United States. As of last year, Minnesota joined 22 other states in legalizing adult-use marijuana for recreational purposes.

The state's chief cannabis regulator predicted last month that the time required to create regulations and grant licenses would prevent Minnesota from reaching its objective of establishing full-scale retail marijuana sales in the first quarter of 2025.

Last August, it was legal to possess, use, and grow marijuana for personal use, within certain conditions. Legally speaking, though, sales remain murky. Because tribal sovereignty exempts them from state control, just a handful of tribally owned on-reservation shops are legally able to sell recreational marijuana in Minnesota at this time.

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