– Fugio Cents (1787)

The Fugio Cent, issued in 1787, holds historical significance as the first official coin of the United States. It was authorized by the Continental Congress and designed by Benjamin Franklin, a renowned American statesman, inventor, and Founding Father.  

The coin's name "Fugio" is derived from the Latin phrase "Fugio," meaning "I fly," which appears on the reverse side of the coin along with the phrase "Mind Your Business." 

The Fugio Cent features a design that symbolizes the unity of the newly formed United States and the importance of time management and economic prosperity.  

The obverse side of the coin depicts a sundial with the words "Fugio" and "Mind Your Business" encircling it, emphasizing the importance of using time wisely and attending to one's own affairs for the collective good.  

The reverse side features thirteen interlocking rings representing the original thirteen colonies, with the inscription "We Are One" symbolizing the unity and strength of the newly formed nation. 

While the Fugio Cent holds historical significance as the first official coin of the United States, it was not widely circulated due to various factors, including its large size and weight compared to other contemporary coins. 

However, it remains a prized collectible among numismatists and historians for its historical importance and unique design representing the ideals of the early American republic. 

The Fugio Cent, issued in 1787, holds a special place in American numismatic history as the inaugural official coin of the United States. Its creation was a pivotal moment as the young nation sought to establish its identity and independence in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War. 

Designed by Benjamin Franklin, one of the most prominent figures of the American Revolution and a polymath known for his scientific discoveries and statesmanship, the Fugio Cent bore the mark of his ingenuity and vision for the new republic. 

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