In September, activist-influencer Wallo267 released his memoir.    

NEW YORK  — Since he was released from prison twenty years ago, Wallace Peeples has been active in a variety of fields, including activism, speechmaking, podcasting, and social media influencer. And he intends to write about each and every one of them.

Peeples, better known by his online alias Wallo267, has signed a contract with 13a, an imprint of Gallery Books, for his book titled "Armed With Good Intentions." The announcement was made on Tuesday.

This novel is being referred to as a "story of survival" by 13a. After being freed from jail in 2017, Peeples, who had been convicted of armed robbery at the age of 17 and given a sentence of twenty years

, quickly developed the internet presence he had established while he was incarcerated. In September, his book will be released.

In a statement, he stated, "I make it my life's work to show the world that there is no straight line to success or healing, and that is why writing this book is so important to me." He was referring to the fact that he had written the book. 

By sharing, through my own personal experience, the dedication and sacrifices that are required to completely transform your life on a day-to-day basis, I hope to motivate other people to successfully overcome the challenges that they face."

Peeples, who is 44 years old, is a co-host of the highly acclaimed podcast "Million Dollars Worth of Game" alongside the rapper and actor Gillie Da King. Peeples is also a frequent speaker on the topic of criminal justice reform.

In addition, he is the inventor of YouTube Avenues, which is an instructional program for content creators working in markets that are not adequately represented.

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