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U.S. Attorney Damien M. Diggs stated on March 5 that a Beaumont, Texas, woman was sentenced to federal prison for stealing mail containing over $500,000 in rare coins and gold. U.S. District Judge Marcia A. Crone sentenced 65-year-old postal employee Pamela Jo Rosas to 37 months in federal prison for mail theft.  

By April 2020, postal inspectors were getting complaints that boxes containing valuable currencies were missing after being delivered to the post office, according to court documents. The crime was linked to Rosas, a postal employee who handled packages suspiciously, according to federal surveillance. After work, Rosas had many stolen mail parcels.  

Rosas admits to stealing various post office things over three to four years. Agents recovered hundreds of expensive coins from Rosas' residence and additional mail thefts from her job. Christopher Jude Rosas, Rosa's adult son, died before he could be tried in state district court or accept a plea offer.  

Universal Coin & Bullion in Beaumont shipped a Dahlonega Mint 1845 Liberty $5 gold coin worth $14,000, which was stolen. Court records show Heartfield's Fine Jewelry & Rare Coins in Beaumont found the coin. The customer put the coin's serial number into NGC's database after buying it at Heartfield's. The customer was notified that the coin was taken.  

Michael Fuljenz, president of Universal Coin & Bullion, said investigators found Christopher Jude Rosas, 39, who sold the coin to the store and has sold many coins there.  

A felony indictment found the 1845-D $5 gold coin to be one of Universal Coin and Bullion's “stolen or missing” items. An inquiry found that Rosas sold gold and silver coins, cell phones, and other electronics at 68 local pawn shops.  

Federal investigators discovered Rosas was the son of Pamela Jo Rosas, a Beaumont postal distribution center employee, Fuljenz said. “That was where theft complaints began in October 2018  

My team and U.S.P.S. Office of Inspector General investigator Oswaldo (Oz) Fong placed tracking devices in various packages mailed from our offices to establish Rosas' son was acquiring the products he sold.”  

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