Is Nio Stock Going to $10? One Wall Street analyst believes so.

Even though manufacturers of electric vehicles (EVs) have been hit hard by the recent decline in consumer demand, one Wall Street analyst is confident that investors may still earn a tidy profit by purchasing shares in a single expanding company.  

Morgan Stanley released a report earlier this week predicting that shares of Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle startup (NYSE: NIO), may more than double from their current levels.   

Based on an anticipated stock price of $10/share, analyst Tim Hsiao reaffirmed a "overweight" recommendation for the shares. In the following twelve months or so, its value would increase by 124 percent from where it is now.  

Expanding in a cutthroat industry The company's sales in March were stronger than in the previous month and compared to the same period last year, according to Hsiao and his staff. Notable in March was the breadth of Nio's sales  

Its smart electric sedan saw a sales boost of more than 50% and its SUV models a growth of over 40% month over month. Sales were in line with the company's lower-than-expected projections.  

Additionally, shipments of 2024 models have started, which the business claims have enhanced "computing power and product competitiveness." Morgan Stanley analysts have noticed that Nio has improved its Battery as a Service (BaaS) initiative, which might help boost sales, along with the momentum from new models.  

There is a lot of competition in China's electric vehicle sector, but Nio is trying to set itself apart with its BaaS initiative. Customers can save money on the vehicle's purchase price and pay to have their batteries replaced quickly at swap stations all around China through that service. a

Nevertheless, it is important for investors to remember that sales will still be affected by the overall economy. Last month, not even Morgan Stanley dared to lower its price objective for Nio to its current estimate of $10 per share. For the stock to reach Morgan Stanley's share price target, investors will have to be patient and hope for a larger economic bonanza in China.  

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