Josh Dobbs: Being around Brock Purdy, 49ers coaches, will be great.  

Over the course of the past two seasons, Josh Dobbs has been forced to serve as the starting quarterback for a number of different clubs; nevertheless, he would want to remain in one position for the foreseeable future.

Once free agency began a month ago, it was attractive to him to receive a call from the 49ers. This is because of the reasons stated above. Dobbs stated to Adam Schefter of ESPN that his objective was to find a club that has "a consistent front office, consistent coaching staff,

 and does a really good job of quarterback development." Although Brock Purdy is an established starter, Dobbs stated that his goal was to find a school that has these qualities.

Dobbs discovered that the 49ers offered all of those items, in addition to Purdy, a quarterback regarding whom he has a great deal of respect.

The statement was made by Dobbs, who was quoted on "At the end of the day, he wins football games and he plays efficient football," That's the best that you could hope for.

 Just being able to clearly share my opinion on what I've learned throughout the league and being able to assume whatever role that looks like this future year is what I'm most thrilled about. So that's what I'm most happy about. 

But to be in that environment, with that coaching, with that kind of player, with that kind of room, and with that consistency, I believe it would be incredibly beneficial for me, and I am anxious to see what I will be able to contribute to the team and how I can assist them in the following season.

It seems likely that Dobbs will not be required to make any more starts for the 49ers if everything goes according to plan. However, if things do not go as planned, having a complete summer with the squad before being thrown into the fire should be beneficial.

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