Justification for Wednesday's Radical Gains in Amarin Stock

Good news about a company's one product is sure to entice investors. For example, on Wednesday, Amarin (NASDAQ: AMRN) got some really good news regarding its only commercialized medicine  

Consequently, by the end of the trading session, its shares had risen by over 6%, outperforming the S&P 500 index, which had been essentially flatlining.  

The Vazkepa team triumphs Without a doubt, Amarin was ecstatic to learn that its cardiovascular medicine Vazkepa, which is sold in the United States as Vascepa, has been granted an additional patent that would extend its patent exclusivity in the European Union (E.U.).  

The European Patent Office (EPO) of the 27-country bloc extended Vazkepa's term by eight years, making it expire in April 2039 instead of the original April 2027.  

Because they may charge whatever they want for their medications when there is no competition, pharmaceutical corporations place a premium on patent exclusivity.

Amarin has been fighting tooth and nail to protect the intellectual property behind Vazkepa/Vascepa because of how important the medicine is to the company's success. According to the company, it recently achieved success in an EPO-adjudicated issue involving a different drug patent.

Quoted in Amarin's press release announcing the extension, CEO Patrick Holt stated that the decision "enhances the potential impact that this product can have for patients and the growth potential for Vazkepa across the continent."  a

Every time, Amarin has lost. Even with just one product, Amarin hasn't always had well with regulators. It battled valiantly to prevent others from challenging Vascepa's monopoly in the US market, but it was defeated in a court ruling in 2020. As a result, winning in Europe is quite significant. However, with Vazkepa/Vascepa, the company is severely lacking in other areas.  

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