– Lincoln Cent (Wheat Reverse) (1909-1958)

The Lincoln Wheat Cent, often simply referred to as the Wheat Cent, is a historic coin issued by the United States Mint from 1909 to 1958.  

It holds significant importance in American numismatic history and is highly cherished by collectors for its classic design and historical significance. Here's an overview of the Lincoln Wheat Cent: 

Design: The obverse (front) of the coin features a left-facing bust of President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. The word "Liberty" is inscribed above his head, and the date of mintage appears below.  

The reverse (back) of the coin, hence the name "Wheat Cent," depicts two wheat ears encircling the words "One Cent" and the phrase "United States of America." 

Designer: The design of the Lincoln Wheat Cent is attributed to Victor David Brenner, a Lithuanian-American sculptor and engraver. Brenner's depiction of Lincoln on the coin is based on a famous bust he sculpted in 1907. 

Metal Composition: The Lincoln Wheat Cent was initially struck in an alloy of 95% copper, 5% tin and zinc. This composition remained consistent throughout the entire series until 1943 when, due to wartime shortages of copper, the Mint briefly produced steel cents coated with zinc. 

Mintage: The mintage numbers for the Lincoln Wheat Cent varied from year to year, with production levels influenced by factors such as demand for small denomination coins, economic conditions, and technological advancements in coin production.  

Historical Context: The issuance of the Lincoln Wheat Cent coincided with the centennial anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth and occurred during a period of significant change and growth in the United States.  

Collector's Value: Due to their age, historical significance, and cultural appeal, Lincoln Wheat Cents are highly sought after by coin collectors and numismatists. Coins in good condition, particularly those with sharp details and attractive patina, can command high prices on the numismatic market.  

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