Mayor believes Chiefs have "serious opportunity" to return to Dallas.  

After losing Dallas to the Cowboys in 1963, the AFL's Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City. Johnson is publicly recruiting the Chiefs back to Dallas after Jackson County, Missouri voters rejected a sales tax extension to fund Arrowhead Stadium renovations by a landslide.  

According to Lukas Weese of, Johnson called it a "serious opportunity" for the Chiefs to fix their stadium issue. “The connections are so deep, the history is so rich,” Johnson added. “We could put together deals that would make sense for them to get here.”  

Johnson will not say if he had discussed a Dallas move with Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. “I’m not really at liberty to say other than I have a good open line of communication with Clark Hunt,” Johnson added. “That line of communication remains.”  

Jerry Jones wouldn't want another team in the neighborhood, especially if it didn't play in his stadium. Johnson believes Dallas will someday have two teams.  

“When the NFL looks at the next round of expansion, they will not find an American city without an NFL franchise that will be a more lucrative or faster-growing market to put a team,” Johnson said.  

Johnson offered a different case for market share to satisfy Jones's ego. “You never say never because he’s a businessman and he makes money,” Johnson remarked. A solid case can be made that the Cowboys' franchise worth is not tied to its home city. It's global now."  

He's right. The Dallas Cowboys will draw huge crowds and TV audiences whether they have two or 20 teams. If the NFL expands or reshuffles, current markets should be considered for a new club. Chicago and Dallas look most plausible.  

The Chiefs' lease ends in 2030. Kansas City and nearby towns have plenty of time to keep the Chiefs local. If it fails, the Chiefs may move elsewhere. Dallas should be considered till the Chiefs resolve their stadium situation  

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