Mississippi Republicans pick longtime Democratic congressman's opponent

JACKSON, Mississippi The Republican nominee who will face longstanding Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson in the general election on November 5 will be determined by the results of a runoff election that will take place on Tuesday in Mississippi's 2nd Congressional District.  

After a primary election that had three candidates three weeks ago, Republicans Ron Eller and Andrew Scott Smith were able to advance to the runoff. They are running in a district that is predominantly black, which Thompson has been representing ever since he won a special election in 1993 and which President Joe Biden won by 27 percentage points in 2020.  

There was no opposition to Thompson, who is the ranking Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee, during the primary election. He stated that he wants to reduce the costs of prescription drugs  

invest in schools and universities that have historically been attended by people of African descent, minimize the amount of debt incurred by students, and develop the middle class "by ensuring that the wealthy pay their fair share."  

In the year 2022, Eller, a medical assistant and a veteran of the war, attempted to get the Republican nomination for the 2nd District but was ultimately unsuccessful. According to him, he is in favor of expanding domestic energy production and building a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico.  

Smith has previous experience in the fields of commercial real estate and pumpkin growing. The resuscitation of agriculture, the reconstruction of infrastructure, the strengthening of the southern border, and the demand for increased government transparency are according to his statements.

Located on the western half of the state, the second district extends along the Mississippi River, through the flatlands of the Delta, and into the city of Jackson, which serves as the state capital. For the 2020 election, it favored Vice President Joe Biden over Republican Donald Trump by a margin of 63% to 36%.

By the 12th of March, Eller had received around 47% of the vote, while Smith had received 36%.  

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