Music Review: Jesse McCartney's ‘All's Well’ celebrates adulthood after teen pop stardom

Jesse McCartney, a former teen idol who peaked in Dream Street, had solo success with "Beautiful Soul," wrote the song "Bleeding Love" for Leona Lewis, and had starring roles on "Summerland." His most recent EP, "All's Well," has McCartney as an elegant wine, reflecting his aged years.

Furthermore, he is expressing this through music to the best of his ability. A number of years have passed since McCartney dropped new music. On his 2021 album "New Stage" he sang nothing but beautiful adult contemporary pop. He savored his time as a married man in the years after his wedding to Katie Peterson.  

With sexy lyrics and the signature pop sounds of the early 2000s, McCartney makes a strong return. This is borne out by the first single "Faux Fur," a groovy R&B number that echoes Jennifer Lopez's 2001 smash "Love Don't Cost a Thing" in its description of how priceless true love is.  

He sings in his signature falsetto, "But some things can't buy:" his heart, his time, and his hand in mine. "I will spend my life with you/No amount is too great/Your world is mine."  

The second tune, "Make a Baby," is a playful R&B-pop number that is all about having a family and features the naughty rapper Yung Gravy.With a seductive and entertaining pop melody as a backdrop  

McCartney sings a wicked chorus that goes something like, "I want it all/It's tasty/I eat it up like pastry/In the mall/She makes me/They hate us up in Macy's."  

On "All's Well," though, there are some dark undertones as well. "The Well" is a reflective acoustic ballad about stuffing one's feelings: "I get in my car and go around/To hide what's going on in my head," McCartney begins the song. "The problems I've run away from will never be visible to you  

The following song, "Silver Spoon," is a satire of the super-rich. "She was born on top of the moon/Lookin' out at the nicest view/Waking up with nothing else to do/But polishing up her silver spoon," McCartney sings, channeling his inner Justin Timberlake from the 2000s. Embrace the joys of life, love, and desire with the succinct "All's Well" EP.  

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