New real crime series from James Patterson coming to Fox Nation!  

NEW YORK— A real crime series that will be produced by James Patterson will be made available on the streaming service Fox Nation. "Unsolved With James Patterson," which will be presented by the novelist who has sold millions of copies, will make its debut on Monday and will be broadcast in three parts.  

The death of a Louisiana schoolteacher who became increasingly unstable and locked down in her home with guns and cameras before being found with a shotgun wound to the head  

the disappearance of a Utah student who joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and immediately disappeared; and the disappearance of a selfless San Francisco resident who vanished and was later found dismembered are the three unsolved homicide cases that will be included in Patterson's series, as reported by Fox Nation.  

Patterson was quoted as saying in a statement, "I was completely captivated by these cases.  

The fact that they are true stories, and that we have the potential to assist in bringing justice to the victims and their families, is something that is extraordinarily memorable."  

There will be interviews with friends, families, and authorities from law enforcement that will be included in the series.  

Patterson is the author of a number of suspense novels, as well as nonfiction works about influential figures such as John Lennon and the Kennedy family, amongst others. His books have been sold in excess of 400 million copies.  

There was an announcement made by Fox Nation the previous week that they had achieved an agreement with Martin Scorsese to produce, host, and narrate an eight-part religious documentary series that will be titled "Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints."  

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