One Stock in AI That Has the Potential to Make You Rich

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made chipmaker Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) famous. Rightfully so. Its hardware powers most AI systems worldwide. Software and other solutions make the organization a market leader.  

Change is inevitable in technology. Competitors always create new possibilities. Today's tech will be superseded by better options in every aspect. Which AI startup will be next big? Actually, Nvidia will likely last a long time. However, investors may want to wait before buying Nvidia stock.  

Two Nvidia advantages Understand the message. Nvidia may have passed its peak growth. The past three years have seen its sales treble and its price quintuple. Both acts are difficult to follow. Nvidia stock may give up a lot of their recent gains as profit-taking pressures rise. Please don't panic if that happens. Instead, purchase any decent pullback. AI has no major risks, and its expansion may be underestimated.  

1. Nvidia provides complete solutions Nvidia's AI industry domination will go beyond hardware. Software is often disregarded, yet AI platforms need it. Some developers code their own, but Nvidia's is optimized for AI developers' needs by taking advantage of its purpose-built technology. For instance, its Triton software is built for inference, which is how an AI system may draw conclusions about new data based on previously processed data.

Another AI platform component gives Nvidia a technological edge. That's connecting several AI processors into one system. Not easy. With its $7 billion acquisition of Mellanox in 2019, Nvidia can offer its data center customers lightning-fast interconnection for artificial intelligence applications and calculations.

A buyer can use Nvidia for their whole AI platform with their "full stack" solution. More importantly to investors, these two core technologies are far ahead of the competition. Advanced Micro Devices and Intel may never catch up to market leader Nvidia in AI data centers.  

2. Superior Nvidia AI is poised for unexpected opportunity However, Nvidia's "full stack" competitive edge is merely one reason its stock may earn you a millionaire. Bullishness also stems from AI market expansion. Sources offer different outlooks. Most AI chip market expectations match Precedence Research's. The market research firm predicts that the AI chip market would grow roughly 30% annually until 2032, reaching $200 billion.  

And that's just the hardware market's fraction. The AI software business is expected to grow from $170 billion last year to over $1 trillion by 2032, according to Precedence. Nvidia's powerful hand benefits from that 23% compound yearly growth rate. However, this expected expansion may understate what's ahead.  

Most people comprehend AI's potential, yet its capabilities may be understated. Consider medication development. Once speculative, mainstream health-tech businesses are now seriously considering it. Another intriguing use of its AI capabilities is creating autonomous robots or virtual reality characters. Precedence Research and Mordor Intelligence forecast the global robots market would more than treble by 2029. Nvidia excels in both.  

Recent robotics efforts have focused on video game improvements. Last month, Nvidia launched Jetson Thor, a platform for developing "general humanoid robots." Nvidia is the only developer close to producing a complete set of "embodied AI" robotics technology. Nvidia is also advancing AI-powered R&D in the pharmaceutical industry. Nvidia's BioNeMo generative AI technology can predict protein structure and disease interactions.  

Stock trading Nvidia Join the dots. Nvidia has a huge advantage over its competitors, and the AI business is growing fast. Nvidia stock is best-in-class in a compelling market. This will continue for a long time. To see if this stock's recent strong period corrects, it could be wise to wait a bit before buying. Even if it doesn't, sideways movement will chill the rally.

Try not to wait too long or be overly stingy for a better deal. Remember that five years from now, you won't care if you bought at a low time. Additionally, you're buying companies, not stocks. Choose the appropriate firm, and the stock will take care of itself.  

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