Pat Sajak replaced as 'Wheel of Fortune' host? You won't believe the intervening Joker.  

"Wheel of Fortune" viewers may relax — The role of host Pat Sajak has not been filled by Jared Leto. Leto stole the show from usual co-host Vanna White and gave viewers a sneak peek at April Fools' Day on Monday's "Wheel of Fortune." Sajak had presided over the illustrious set for nearly forty years, and it seemed as though Leto belonged there.  

The actor from "Joker" was even introduced by a famous, deep-voiced announcer: "Introducing Jared Leto and Vanna White, the stars of our show."  

In his introduction to the "Wheel of Fortune" gig, Leto said White, "Have a great show and see you soon," before stepping into host Sajak's usual game slot.  

Grab those devices, everyone. It's time to give away some money," Leto instructed the three enthusiastic contestants, who were all smiling. "It's $1,000 in our first toss-up, the category is 'On the Map.'"  

The April Fools' Day prank ended there. Without making any remarks about Leto's appearance, Sajak resumed the broadcast as he had earlier. After this 41st season, Sajak, who is 77 years old, will step down as host of "Wheel of Fortune." He made the announcement last year. Ryan Seacrest will replace Sajak in the fall.  

Well, the time has come," he remarked at the gathering. "It's been a wonderful ride." However, the SAD departure is scheduled for June. I had a blast on April Fools' Day with this. Leto asked, "How'd I do?" after posting a clip from the show to his Instagram Stories following his Monday performance.

Joined by his brother Shannon, Leto already achieved his aim of competing as "the worst contestant ever" (in his words) last November. Leto shared a film of himself talking to Sajak about his childhood memories of watching "Wheel of Fortune" with his grandma Ruby.  

"How's Grandma Ruby doing?" Asked Sajak. "Pat, she's gone," Leto said. Later on in the music video for their band's tour, Jared and Shannon both guessed "Z" for the puzzle. You got it: "30 Seconds to Mars World Tour."  

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