Pepe Aguilar's ‘Jaripeo: Hasta Los Huesos’ highlights Mexican culture.    

Anaheim — In his charro outfit, Pepe Aguilar feels like a superhero. Aguilar's power, unlike Superman's, is his love of his culture and desire to celebrate Mexico via his work. The Grammy winner wants others to “feel proud of something so great” like his background. His latest tour honors his family and the fans who helped him become a Mexican diaspora icon.

On a gorgeous white horse, the 55-year-old Texas native, Mexico native, entered the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, on Friday night. As Aguilar rode through the musical arena and sang “100% Mexicano,” his opening song on the “Jaripeo: Hasta Los Huesos” tour, fans of all ages waved Mexican flags, raised cowboy hats, and applauded.

The trip combines Mexican rodeo with Aguilar family concerts. Aguilar's fans can enjoy set lists from her children, Leonardo and Ángela, as well as her older brother Antonio Aguilar Jr. Bull riding, circus, folklórico, and lasso throwing competitions were cheered between performances. “Jaripeo: Hasta Los Huesos” continues Aguilar's “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” tour with a Day of the Dead focus.

I'm proud of everything Mexican. Before the concert, Aguilar humorously described the diverse aspects of Mexican culture, including food, colors, traditions, and family. One of my favorite traditions is the Day of the Dead. Aguilar's Day of the Dead ceremony includes an altar, marigolds, skulls, papel picado, and passionate memories of his parents, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. Aguilar and his brother performed with their parents.

He explains, “What my father and mother started in the ‘60s, even before I was born, inspired what I'm doing here, but it's still very different.” Before her father's performance, Ángela Aguilar energized the crowd with a quick ride on a black horse, a long black gown with marigolds, and fan-favorite tunes including her cover of “La Llorona.”

“It’s pretty cool to work with your family, whether it’s older or younger,” Aguilar says. I consider it a privilege to be close to my loved ones. Aguilar's art usually involves culture and family. Not about him. Amplifying his community's sounds. “How can I ever compare my stupid, little irrelevant life to a bigger than anything culture and tradition as Mexican music?” he says.

Aguilar Dynasty fans have loved Pepe since before he was born, as shown by sold-out gigs and album sales. Aguilar never tires of staring into the audience, experiencing their energy, and hearing them sing his words. ”Sometimes I got to think about something else to not cry,” he explains. “I must concentrate often. I can't sing if my feelings kick in, so I have to focus.

Aguilar acknowledged the crowd on opening night and announced that he will become the Honda Center's most-performed performer the following day. “It fills me with a lot of pride that Mexican music has presented itself the most at the Honda Center,” he added in Spanish as supporters cheered.

“I am truly proud. I really know what I'm talking about, Aguilar told the AP. "For Christ's sake, I'm national charro champion. Touring with Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, I was born. So I think I'm Mexican. I'm pleased of what I show, and I want to display it more so people understand why.”

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