Resale women's Final Four tickets average $2,300, twice as much as men's.  

A technology company that analyzes prices across several platforms reported that this week, the average price paid for a ticket to the NCAA women's Final Four was twice as high as the price paid for a ticket to the men's semifinals.

According to data released by Logitix on Wednesday, tickets for the women's semifinals sold for an average of $2,323, while those for the men's finals cost an average of $1,001.21.  

On Friday, in Cleveland's Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, which can accommodate 19,432 spectators, the women's games will pit Iowa against Connecticut and South Carolina against North Carolina State. For the women's semifinals, the average price is $1,131.78 (including data from sales made a month ago and longer), up from $400.29 at the same period in 2023.

At State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, which has 63,400 seats, the men's matchups on Saturday will feature Purdue taking on North Carolina State and Connecticut taking on Alabama. The men's semifinals will cost an average of $993.70, up from $636.43 in 2023.  

Ticket prices for Sunday's women's championship game were $1,110.63 on average this week. On Monday, the men's title game tickets were going for an average of $646.45.

A representative from Logitix explained that the men's games have a threefold larger seating capacity, which contributes to a greater supply of tickets, and hence a higher price for the women's games.   

He went on to say that the unusual demand for women's tickets is being propelled by the adoration for Iowa's Caitlin Clark, who holds the record for most Division I scoring. All but two of the Hawkeyes' games this season have been played in front of sold-out audiences, regardless of location.  

Ticket packages that included all three Final Four games were sold out by the NCAA. The women's semi-finals and final have a face value ranging from $200 to $400, while the men's semifinals and final have a face value ranging from $250 to $900.

The semi-finals and final can be purchased independently on the secondary market due to the fact that they take place on consecutive days and necessitate distinct digital entrance QR codes.  

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