Speculative Democrat's bid for North Dakota governor ends

BISMARCK, North Dakota — His campaign for governor of North Dakota, which was a long shot, has been called off by a Democratic candidate.

Neche resident Travis Hipsher made the announcement of his withdrawal on Sunday. At the convention that will take place later this week, the little-known Democrat, 

who works as a security guard at a bus manufacturer, stated that he "didn't have the numbers to continue to carry out the fight to get the endorsement" of the party.

The decision of Hipsher to withdraw from the race practically makes it possible for state Senator Merrill Piepkorn, who represents Fargo, to secure the Democratic nomination for governor

 It is difficult for the party to win statewide elections in North Dakota, which is dominated by Republicans and where Democrats have not won a statewide election since 2012.

Later this week, the Republican Party will also conduct its state convention; however, some candidates are pushing their campaigns to the primary election that will take place on June 11. This election will choose the nominees for the November election.

In the race for the Republican nomination for governor, U.S. Representative Kelly Armstrong and Lieutenant Governor Tammy Miller are taking against each other. 

 Additionally, Michael Coachman, an independent who has run for statewide office on multiple occasions, is running for governor. The Republican governor, Doug Burgum, has decided not to run for a thirdterm.

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