The North Dakota Democratic primary election is won by Biden.

BISMARCK, North Dakota  — Vice President Joe Biden has emerged victorious in the Democratic primary for president of North Dakota.

The results of the primary election, which was primarily by mail, were announced by the state party on Saturday

 During the month of February, the party started distributing ballots to voters who had requested them.

Even though there were seven other candidates running for the primary election, it seemed very certain that Biden would emerge victorious.

All 29 delegates were awarded to former President Donald Trump, who emerged victorious in the presidential caucuses held by the Republican Party in North Dakota on March 4.

Due to the fact that both Biden and Trump have already earned sufficient delegates for their respective parties' nominations

the first presidential rerun election since 1956 is poised to take place.

In both 2016 and 2020, Senator Bernie Sanders was victorious in the Democratic caucuses held in North Dakota

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