The Possible Determinant in the Winery Rivalry Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt—A Single Dollar

The legal battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has dragged on for years. Their divorce has dragged on for years due to contentious child custody disputes, even though they are no longer legally married.

The current hot topic is Pitt and Jolie's ownership of Miraval, a French winery that each of them held 50% of. Despite its multi-million dollar value, its ultimate fate appears to hinge on a single dollar.

after they first bought the chateau and winery together, Brad Pitt paid for 60% and Jolie owned 40%. However, according to recent reports, after they split up, Pitt and Jolie were equal proprietors of the winery. Pitt apparently made his new bride an equal partner by transferring 10% ownership to her when they were married. 

Pitt allegedly says Jolie never paid the one euro he sold her for the 10% ownership, rendering the transfer null and void, as reported in the Wall Street Journal (via Page Six).

Evidently, the one euro was meant to be a symbolic number, as it is now around $1.08 at exchange rates. Everyone involved probably didn't think Jolie would pay up, but now she's trying to use her failure to do so as a legal argument to prevent the 10% ownership transfer from going through. Pitt is attempting to nullify Jolie's sale of Miraval Winery to Stoli Group by suing her.

While the legal battle continues, the 10% stake in question is being kept in escrow.

Brad Pitt has maintained that he and Angelina Jolie had an agreement that required mutual consent to sell an interest. 

Reportedly, he argues that the sale of Jolie's portion should be null and void because he never provided his assent. Jolie allegedly denies ever having made such a pact.

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