The summer release from Glass Animals explores a ‘different facet of love’ in each song (Part-2).

On his following album, he released “Heat Waves,” a dreamy, hazy song about a deceased buddy whose birthday causes pain every June. Love on TikTok got it to No. 1 on Billboard's 2022 year-end Hot 100 Songs chart.  

This is why Bayley put it at the end of “Dreamland,” because it was so intimate and scary. People responded positively and supportively. It gave me the confidence to push it, be more personal, and open.”  

“Heat Waves” brought Bayley new admirers and a Grammy nomination. People now recognize him in the street and ask about his music and lyrics.  

“The questions are often deep and big. I was walking my dog in my jammies and asked, "What does this line in the song, "Agnes?" ‘Whoa, it's 8:30 in the morning. I simply ate cereal and haven't showered. Wonderful, though. It certainly kept me on edge.”

Glass Animals, including Drew MacFarlane on guitar and keys, Edmund Irwin-Singer on bass and keys, and Joe Seaward on drums, will tour to promote the new record.  

Starting Aug. 7 in Charlotte, North Carolina, the autumn tour visits New York City, Philadelphia, Toronto, Cincinnati, Nashville, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Dallas, Phoenix, Red Rocks Amphitheatre outside Denver, and Austin, Texas. In October and November, Glass Animals will perform in Paris, Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin, Milan, Zurich, Amsterdam, Dublin, Manchester, Glasgow, and London's O2 venue on Nov. 7.  

Depending on the mood, the band will change their repertoire. Glass Animals react to the crowd and change songs before performing, unlike other bands that pre-program everything. DJing was my background. Bayley says she started deejaying clubs in London as a child. “Good DJs react to the room's energy and lift the tempo slowly. Sometimes you start with quick stuff, lower it, and raise it.”  

Bayley says Glass Animals would like to hear fans' setlists to connect with them. “I'd love to play with what people want. I think that's our job. Want to make people happy.”  

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