Trump accuses Biden of risking a border ‘bloodbath’ as he raises immigration rhetoric. (Part-1)  

Grand Rapids — Trump accused President Joe Biden of a “bloodbath” at the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday, intensifying his incendiary rhetoric as he campaigned in two Midwestern swing states crucial to the 2024 race.

Trump, who has called migrants “poisoning the blood of the country” and promised to conduct the greatest domestic deportation operation in history if he wins a second term, said Biden was permitting a “bloodbath” that was “destroying the country.” In Michigan, he called illegal immigrants suspected of committing crimes “animals,” degrading rhetoric that extremism researchers say boosts violence.

“Every state is a border state under Crooked Joe Biden. Joe Biden has brought the devastation, turmoil, and slaughter from around the world into our backyards, making every town a border town, Trump said in Grand Rapids, backed by uniformed law enforcement personnel before a line of flags.

While violent crime is down, Trump and other Republicans have criticized Biden by citing many high-profile crimes allegedly committed by illegal immigrants as border crossings reach historic highs. Polls show Trump has an advantage over Biden because many voters are anxious about the crossings.

Trump repeated the topic at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Tuesday night during the presidential primaries. Trump said rogue nations were “pumping migrants across our wide open border” and “sending prisoners, murders, drug dealers, mental patients, terrorists” without evidence.

He said migrants will spend trillions in public services and lead Social Security and Medicare to “buckle and collapse.” He continued, “If you want to help Joe Biden wheel granny off the cliff to fund government benefits for illegals, then vote for Crooked Joe Biden. “But when I am president, I will send Joe Biden's illegal aliens home instead of throwing granny overboard.

Trump threatens the programs, according to Biden's campaign. “Donald Trump is trying to hide his unpopular record with erratic lies and desperate denials,” said campaign Wisconsin communications director Brianna Johnson.

Immigration boosts the U.S. economy, according to the White House. They said recent immigration gains have boosted employment and supported growth as the Fed raises interest rates to lower inflation.

“We know immigrants strengthen our country and also strengthen our economy,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at Tuesday's briefing, noting that immigrants did the “critical work” on the bridge that collapsed after a ship hit it.

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