Trump accuses Biden of risking a border ‘bloodbath’ as he raises immigration rhetoric. (Part-2)  

Trump referenced Ruby Garcia's March 22 roadway death in Michigan. She dated Brandon Ortiz-Vite, the suspect, according to police. He told authorities he shot her many times after an altercation, then left her dead on the road in her red Mazda.

Trump misidentified 25-year-old Garcia as 17. According to authorities, Ortiz-Vite is Mexican and was deported for drunken driving. His attorney is not listed in court documents. Trump stated that he had spoken to her family. According to Fox17, Garcia's sister Mavi denied it. She texted, “No, he did not speak with us,” the outlet reported, declining to elaborate.

She also pleaded on Facebook last week for media to avoid politicizing her sister's tale and on Tuesday for privacy, saying she wanted “justice to be served” and to “be left alone.”

Trump again mentioned Georgia nursing student Laken Riley's murder. Officials charged a Venezuelan man with illegally entering the U.S. Riley's family visited Trump backstage at his Georgia rally last month. The Riley murder suspect was called a “illegal alien animal.” by Trump.

Democrats say don't call them animals. They're human. He replied, ‘No, they’re not humans, they’re animals.’ The FBI said that U.S. violent crime fell again last year following a pandemic-era rise. The latest data shows Michigan violent crime achieved a three-year low in 2022. Last year, Detroit had the fewest homicides since 1966.

Michigan and Wisconsin are key electoral battlegrounds. Trump defeated the Democrats' "blue wall" in 2016, but Biden won them in 2020. His campaign targets blue-collar workers and union members to win them back.

Some Green Bay supporters waited three hours in snow to enter the arena. Over 100 fans lined the street where Trump's limousine was anticipated in Grand Rapids in the rain.

A small group of immigration reform supporters held a moment of silence for Garcia in a nearby park, holding posters that said “No human being is illegal” and “Michigan welcomes immigrants.” Biden's team has criticized Trump for canceling a bipartisan border pact that would have increased more than 1,500 Customs and Border Protection agents and other limitations.

The solution was available. The former president advised Republicans to walk away from it, Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Monday. I have little tolerance for political arguments that jeopardize our economy and, to some extent, our people, as we witnessed in Grand Rapids recently.”

Since becoming his party's presumptive nominee, Trump has used harsh rhetoric on the southern border migrant flow. He has called migrants “poisoning the blood of the country,” questioned if some are humans, and asserted, without evidence, that countries are dumping their prisons and mental asylums into the U.S. Trump spoke in Green Bay with an empty platform that read "Anytime." Yes, anywhere.” Trump said it was for Biden, whose team has not committed to debates.

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