Trump and Republicans claim March fundraising exceeded $65.6 million.

New York— As the probable nominee and new party leader, Donald Trump and the Republican Party stated Wednesday they raised $65.6 million in March. Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $93.1 million in the month, a huge gain as they try to catch up to President Joe Biden and the Democrats.  

Our campaign, working with the RNC, has been steadily ramping up our fundraising efforts, and our March numbers are a testament to the overwhelming support for President Trump by voters all across the spectrum,” Trump campaign senior advisor Susie Wiles said. Republican candidates may not benefit from Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites, but President Trump is happy to be supported by donations from citizens, the backbone of this nation, which will fuel Republicans up and down the ballot.  

Biden and the Democratic National Committee did not announce March fundraising data, although they raised $53 million in February and had $155 million cash on hand. The campaign reported a record $26 million raised at Biden's New York City fundraiser last week with former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.  

Biden and his party have been fundraising since he launched his reelection campaign, whereas Trump had to defeat opponents.  

"Donald Trump spent his first month as the presumptive Republican nominee holed up in a back room at Mar-a-Lago with billionaire special interests while he struggles with the kind of grassroots donors who are powering our campaign," Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa said. Trump is spending all he has on everything but voter outreach, and he doesn't have the infrastructure, donor base, or broad appeal to win this election.  

Before merging with the RNC, Trump's campaign and Save America, two crucial pillars of his political operation, raised $15.9 million in February and concluded with over $37 million. Save America has covered most of Trump's legal fees, including four criminal proceedings.  

As Nikki Haley, his last primary competitor, dropped out, Trump appointed new RNC officials, including daughter-in-law Lara Trump, last month. He also initiated party fundraising, allowing the joint operation to use larger donation limits. Candidates can receive $3,300, but joint fundraising agreements allow donors to sign checks for little over $800,000.  

President Donald J. Trump has again unleashed Republican fundraising. Michael Whatley, the new RNC chairman, said the RNC and Trump campaign are one cohesive and focused on winning despite his less than a month as Republican Party nominee. In Palm Beach, Florida, Trump will hold a lavish fundraiser Saturday. The campaign seeks $33 million, surpassing Biden.  

Trump's new fundraising pact with the RNC prioritizes donations to his campaign and Save America before the RNC and state parties. The Palm Beach event's $814,600 “chairman” donors or $250,000 per person will only donate $5,000 to Save America, sending hundreds of thousands to the party committee.  

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