Trump will criticize Biden on border and crime in battleground Michigan and Wisconsin. (Part-2)

The solution was available. Whitmer said the former president persuaded Republicans to abandon it. I have little tolerance for political arguments that jeopardize our economy and, to some extent, our people, as we witnessed in Grand Rapids recently.”  

Since becoming his party's presumptive nominee, Trump has used incendiary rhetoric about the historic migrant influx at the southern border. He has called migrants “poisoning the blood of the country,” questioned if some are humans, and asserted, without evidence, that countries are dumping their prisons and mental asylums into the U.S.  

He also accused Biden of waging a “conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America,” intending to “collapse the American system, nullify the will of the actual American voters and establish a new base of power that gives them control for generations.”  

Just six months before early voting in the general election, Republicans in both states appear to be significantly behind Democrats organizationally. Last week, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Pete Hoekstra told The Associated Press that the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee had not made major general election investments in the state and had no field staff.  

Recent weeks have been controversial for Michigan Republican lawmakers. State Rep. Matthew Maddock falsely claimed illegal migrant “invaders” were on March Madness buses taking college athletes to Detroit.  

Democrats in Wisconsin have emphasized their statewide organization, citing 44 field offices and over 50 staff members. The Trump campaign has not named Wisconsin state party leaders or organizers.  

The Wisconsin Republican Party has been outraised in recent years, and its executive director quit in March, months before the national convention in Milwaukee. Democratic triumphs, including the Wisconsin Supreme Court's overturning of Republican-drawn legislative redistricting, are projected to boost their numbers.  

Trump will make his first visit to the state since 2022, when he rallied for Tim Michels, who lost to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. Trump's team plans to open dozens of offices and hire hundreds of personnel over the next 30 to 45 days to catch up.  

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