UFL's fourth-and-12 onside kick variation helps San Antonio Brahmas triumph.  

The National Football League has shown a resolute refusal to implement any alternatives to the onside kick.  

But there is one in the United Football League, and it was the catalyst for an exciting conclusion in the form of a comeback victory tonight.  

Teams who have scored in the UFL have the option of not kicking off but instead taking possession of the ball at their own 28-yard line, where they are confronted with a fourth-and-12 situation.  

The San Antonio Brahmas accomplished exactly that today, when they were trailing the Memphis Showboats by a score of 19-14 with forty-eight seconds remaining in the game.  

Following a drive that culminated in a touchdown catch by former Broncos second-round pick Cody Latimer, the Brahmas were able to win the game 20-19.  

The Brahmas had just barely picked up the necessary 12 yards to keep the ball, and then they marched down the field on a drive that culminated in the touchdown.  

In the same way that the conclusion of the game was thrilling, the onside kick alternative is intended to bring about the same feeling.   

Although the National Football League has studied a number of alternatives to the onside kick, including a fourth-and-20 option that was rejected this year, the league has not yet approved any of these alternatives. It is possible that if it is successful in a spring league, the National Football League will decide to adopt it as well.  

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