US Rep. Lauren Boebert after blood clot surgery.

There was a report in — The campaign for Republican U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert announced in a press release that Boebert had surgery in Colorado on Tuesday to remove a blood clot from her leg. The representative is anticipated to recover well.  

A member of the Massachusetts General Assembly who has been known to stir up trouble, Boebert has served as a representative for the same Colorado House district since 2020 and is currently vying for the Republican nomination to replace the late Rep. Ken Buck in a separate district across the state.

The congresswoman's left leg swelled up to such an extent that she had to be hospitalized in northern Colorado on Monday. According to her campaign, Boebert was diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome after doctors found an acute blood clot using a CT scan.

Dehydration, long periods of sitting, and travel were all listed as potential causes by the campaign.  

During surgery, the clot was removed and a stent was implanted. Patients who have the procedure to improve blood flow can go back to their regular lives and jobs afterward, according to hospitalist Dr. Rebecca Bade, who was quoted in the news release. Boebert expressed gratitude to Bade and the medical staff.  

After coming close to losing her seat to a Democrat in 2022, the congressman decided to swap districts, which has garnered her criticism in recent months. That was on top of Boebert's already eventful year, which included a highly publicized divorce and a humiliating date incident at Beetlejuice.  

Despite facing off against less well-known, regional Republicans, her almost national name recognition and backing from Trump are anticipated to be advantages.  

Even though her area is quite red, Boebert has a good chance of winning the June primary and going on to face off against a Democrat in the general election.  

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